0% driving lesson finance

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with GoCaptain

Why GoCaptain?

No Hard Credit Checks

Apply for 0% finance without affecting your credit score.

Zero Interest Finance

You pay back exactly what you borrowed.

Take Intensive Driving Courses

Learn to drive much quicker with GoCaptain. Request an Intensive Driving Course with your driving school.

Get Pre Approved

Get approved for finance even before speaking with your driving school of choice about paying with GoCaptain.
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Loved by learner drivers

"I would like to personally thank GoCaptain for enabling me to learn to drive by spreading the cost of my lessons."


"I already use buy now, pay later services so learn now, pay later is brilliant & affordable way to learn to drive"


"I have always wanted to get finance for my lessons but it was always a challenge until I was referred to GoCaptain"


"I've been broke recently and thanks to GoCaptain I can now afford my driving lessons."


"I just love the fact that I can get a loan balance to learn to drive and also pay my driving school securely."


"My friend took out finance with GoCaptain and recommended me to do the same; I've just started my lessons"


I am now able to afford my driving lessons because of GoCaptain. How amazing is that?"


Learn Now, Pay Later is the best thing to happen for learner drivers looking to save on driving lessons.


"I lost my retail job due to Covid-19 but now I can get affordable finance to learn to drive and now have more job opportunities outside of my town."


“Learning to drive in London can be costly but GoCaptain has made it more affordable with their driving lesson finance"


"Who thought you could spread the cost of learning to drive? This is Amazing especially after Covid-19"


"I joined the GoCaptain waitlist last year and finally can start my lessons after being approved for driving lesson balance"


How it works

Your driving school refers you

When booking driving lessons with your driving school, you'll be given the option to split your payments with GoCaptain

Apply under 30 seconds

Click Apply Now and search for your driving school from our list of approved driving school partners.

Pay 10% Deposit

After being accepted for finance, you'll be required to make a 10% deposit towards the total amount you've applied for.

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi


How much deposit is required?

A 10% deposit is required for the total amount of finance you're taking out. E.g. "A 10 month instalment plan, requires the first 10% to be paid on the day and then followed by 9 further monthly payments"

Can you speak to my driving school on my behalf?

Yes! Our sales team are always ready to speak with your driving school and answer any questions they may have. Simply share your driving school contact details with us by texting : +44 7453 453144

Do you provide me with a driving school?

No! We are not a driving lesson booking platform and we only help you fund your driving lessons with our "0% driving lesson finance options".

What is the max driving lesson finance amount?

You can apply for a 0% driving lesson finance between £300 - £1500.

What does my driving lesson finance cover?

Your driving lesson finance can ONLY go towards your driving lesson hours. You will be required to pay for your theory, practical test and any other additional fees.

I have been referred by my driving school?

1 - Click "apply now" and select "your driving school name" from our list of approved driving school partners.

2 - Choose the amount you need for your driving lessons.

3 - Insert your personal details and and click "submit application"

4 - You'll get an instant decision and once approved - you will need to "pay a 10% deposit" - this goes towards your first monthly payments. So if you choose a 6 month payment plan, once your deposit is paid you'll have 5 monthly payments to go.

What driving schools do you work with?

We work with any DVSA Approved Driving School or Instructor in the UK. They'll first need to register with GoCaptain before they can refer you for finance and get paid by us.

Do you charge my driving school a fee?

Yes! Because we're providing you the learner with 0% finance; we charge your driving school a 15% fee of the total finance amount.

Who is eligible for GoCaptain?

You must be a UK resident and at least 18 years old to use GoCaptain and if you fall into one or more of the following categories you may not be able to use GoCaptain:
*We were unable to verify your identity, address, or card details.
*You do not qualify for GoCaptain based on our lending partners internal affordability checks.

Is GoCaptain a direct lender?

GoCaptain is not a direct lender and is simply a "finance payments platform that enables learner drivers to apply for driving lesson finance directly to our lending partner Bumper Finance. All finance agreements are between the learner driver and Bumper and all monthly instalments are to be made directly to Bumper.

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