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How it works

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Welcome & Marketing Pack

When joining GoCaptain for the first time, you'll receive our Welcome & Marketing pack over the post.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For your peace of mind

What is the Welcome and Marketing Pack

We provide all new ADI partners with a welcome and marketing pack. As a goodwill gesture you'll receive a special amazon voucher in the post and a marketing kit which you can stick to the side of your cars, in order to let learners in your area know they can learn now and pay later with you.

How long does the registration process take?

Registering to become an approved driving school partner of GoCaptain takes just 10 seconds.

How do driving schools promote GoCaptain to learners?

*Always Refer GoCaptain to your learner drivers anytime they're booking lessons with you.

*As part of your welcome pack, you'll be provided with our marketing kit, which are branding stickers that can be placed on the side of your driving school car, in order to let your local customers know that they can spread the cost of their lessons with you.

Why the % fee?

Because we provide 0% finance solutions to your learners, we charge a small % fee to the driving schools.

Are Driving Schools liable for learners missed payments?

No! GoCaptain driving school partners are never liable when their learner drivers makes a default on their monthly repayments. The learner is always responsible for making their repayments.

What does the driving lesson finance actually cover?

Your learners driving lesson finance can ONLY covers their driving lesson hours with you. You will be required to give the full amount of hours the learner driver applied for with GoCaptain regardless of our fees.

How do refunds work?

If there is ever a situation where your learner driver, that was "approved for driving lesson finance with GoCaptain", requests a refund after starting lessons, they'll ONLY be entitled to receive the amount for lessons not yet taken.
This refund is to be paid back to GoCaptain and not the learner.
Contact for more info.

How does GoCaptain track the learners driving lesson progress?

It is the duty of the GoCaptain learner success team to track each learners driving lesson journey, after they've been approved for driving lesson finance. These are weekly call checks, to make sure the learners are always happy with the services being offered by the Driving Schools, Lending Partner & GoCaptain.

Why do I have to register with GoCaptain to get paid?

Whenever you refer a learner driver to us for finance, they'll need to select your driving school name from our list driving school partners, when applying for finance and this is how we know who what driving school to make payouts too.

Is a deposit required?

Yes! A 10% deposit is always required for the total amount of finance your learner is taking out. E.g. "A 10 monthly instalment plan, requires the first 10% to be paid on the day and then followed by 9 further monthly payments"

At what point do driving schools receive payments?

It can sometimes be instant or may sometimes take up-to 7 days after the learner was approved. We also advice not to start offering lessons to your learners until you've successfully received payouts.

What is the maximum our learners can borrow?

Anything between £300 - £1500 to cover the cost of their driving lessons with you and this is then split between 1 - 10 months interest free.

Who can apply for a GoCaptain driving lesson finance?

All learner drivers 18 and over can apply for a driving lesson finance. A soft credit check is also made on the applicants but these checks never leaves a hard print on learners credit file.

What is the agreement between Driving Schools & GoCaptain?

The partnership agreement between GoCaptain and Driving Schools is a "referral partnership" and nothing more. As a driving school you're never obliged to refer learners to us and the sole purpose of the partnership is for GoCaptain to help provide 0% driving lesson finance options to your learners.

What happens when a learner needs more lessons outside of the set lessons already paid for by the loan?

There may be occasions where the learners loan amount is not enough to cover their full lessons or they might take their test, fail and be required to retake some extra lessons. We never encourage learners to re-apply for more finance in situations when the first amount wasn't enough for full lessons.

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We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi
"Did you know - anytime a learner driver decides to pay for driving lessons with GoCaptain, we plant a new tree in order to create a greener planet.